Delta charges to nº 1


Delta Goodrem has the number one album in Australia this week and she cane thank good old fashioned technology for her win.

Delta Goodrem’s ‘Wings of the Wild’ has streaked in front of other new music from skate-punk veterans Blink-182 and boy-band newbies In Stereo by getting in front of fans, doing in-stores and signing “the trophy”.

Retailers have reported walloping CD sales for Delta’s ‘Wings of the Wild’ well in front of Blink 182’s ‘California’ and In Stereo ‘The Speed of Sound’.

Delta Goodrem worked like a politician in the last week, trekking across Australia, visiting stores, meeting the fans and signing autographs. It was an example of what was once standard practice still works best and a lesson for Australia’s corporate record execs who would be as at home marketing McDonalds as putting a Drake album in front of fans.

In a statement Delta said, “I am so proud of this album – it’s the first time that I took on the producing reigns and it’s the first release through my new label ‘House Of Oz Records’. It truly represents who and where I am right now. I am so incredibly honoured that fans are embracing it and I can’t wait to share some of the new songs with everyone on my tour.”

‘Wings of the World’ is Delta Goodrem’s fifth album and her fourth number one.

Article written by | Paul Cashmere
Date | 9/July/2016
Media |

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