Delta is taking the Australian TV Series House Husbands by storm in 2017.

Delta and Hugh Sheridan join the all-star cast of Julia Morris, Gary Sweet, Firass Dirani, Rhys Muldoon, Natalie Saleeba, Louise Siversen and Jane Allsop for series five of House Husbands.

In this series the gang pick up one year later and the winds of change are blowing through Nepean South. The kids might be growing up fast, but our favourite dads still have a lot to learn when House Husbands returns.

Delta plays Izzy Dreyfus. Riding in on her café racer motorbike, brilliant, beautiful and slightly tomboyish Reading Recovery teacher, Izzy, both excites and frightens everyone in the House Husband‘s world.

Charismatic and daring, Izzy’s audacious attitude is instrumental in diverting a threat to the Nepean South community that none of them saw coming.

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